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Agency: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, San Juan, Puerto Rico

First a tea kettle crosses an intersection. A washing machine emerges from the car wash. Irons get into a traffic jam, and a driver sees a toaster pursuing his car. Another driver finds every spot in the parking lot taken by an appliance. Just when it's getting a little spooky and sinister, two mechanics turn a vacuum cleaner loose on the street. The tagline explains it all: "What would mechanics do if all cars were Toyotas?"

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats

"Fiber Cycle"

Agency: Lapiz, Chicago

Kellogg Co. has found another clever way to visualize the benefits of fiber. In a commercial for its Frosted Mini-Wheats with 25% more fiber, a round bowl on a white table takes on the appearance of a washing machine whose cereal-and-milk contents spin around like a washing cycle. Tagline: "Clean your body inside." A very simple idea, but it was one of the judges' favorites.

Unilever's Ragu

"Father & Son"

Agency: JWT Puerto Rico, San Juan

Ragu Sauce is this good: At the family dinner table, a father greedily soaks up all the Ragu sauce from his plate on a piece of bread and eats it. After his wife leaves the room, he eyes their baby speculatively. In what looks like a fatherly gesture, he wipes off the sauce smeared all over baby's face. Then he eats that too, transforming a merely charming family moment into a quirky testimonial to Ragu's taste.

Energizer batteries


Agency: Grupo Gallegos, Long Beach, Calif.

In a twist on the standard demonstration of how long batteries will last, a man who lost his hand gets a transplanted limb from a Japanese man that makes him compulsively take photographs everywhere, including in bed with his obviously very annoyed wife. He even snaps away with a bright flash attachment during a movie, and the man who's seated in front of him turns around and tackles him.

Anorexia treatment clinic


Agency: Dieste Harmel & Partners, Dallas

The viewer sees only the reflection in the mirrors of a fair, somewhat chubby girl as the young woman tries on her clothes, combs her hair and rides an exercise bicycle. Only at the end do we see the real, emaciated girl staring at her body as she imagines how it looks. The commercial's voice-over says: "Anorexia, the sad thing is that those who suffer from it don't see it."

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