Silver Winners/Nontraditional, Guerrilla Marketing

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Hispanics Against Drunk Driving

"Cinta," "Sello," "Permiso"

Agency: Concept Cafe, Miami

HADD targeted the moment drinkers can still opt not to drive. Nightclub security staff stamped departing clubbers' wrists with the message, "If this is hard to read, don't drive." Cars were swathed in yellow tape reading, "Potential crime scene." A valet parking service helped tag cars with a handicapped parking sticker reading, "If you're lucky enough to live, next time you won't have to worry about parking."

Hogar Ninito Jesus

"Lost Letter"

Agency: JWT Puerto Rico, San Juan

This shelter for abused children doubled donations of toys at Christmas by dropping envelopes on the street that looked like kids' letters to Santa Claus. Anyone opening the envelope saw a touching message reading, "Some letters never make it to the North Pole."

New York Latino Film Festival

"Fake Tickets"

Agency: La Finca Creativa, New York

Continuing the film festival's tradition of doing creative promotions that cost next to nothing, fliers in the form of fake tickets were handed out at cinemas. The false tickets had movie titles like "Token White Guy" and "Plenty of Chicanos, Not One Low Rider."

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