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"No Kiss for You"

Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

The clueless gringo, a stock Hispanic ad character, strikes again. Two guys hang at a bar when a couple of girls stop. They greet their Latin friend with kisses, but give his Anglo friend only handshakes. "Why didn't I get a kiss?" asks clueless Mark. "You know, cultural differences," lies his friend-as the camera reveals Mark is holding a non-Heineken brew.

Volkswagen of America

"Love Thing"

Agency: C.O.D., Coral Gables, Fla.

A new approach in car advertising: nonstop car crash footage taken from one movie after another of every car brand but one. The automotive mayhem is followed by the line, "You don't see too many Volks-wagens in movies. It's a matter of respect." It's all to promote VW's sponsorship of the New York Latino Film Festival.

Toyota Tacoma


Agency: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Robert de Niro's "Taxi Driver" bit has been often imitated, but the motley crew in this spot puts it over the top. The casting director must have worked overtime to find a variety of types to take on the line "Are you talking to me?" It's all to promote "The new Tacoma. Bigger than ever."

DirecTV Para Todos

"Baseball," "Talk Show"

Agency: Vidal Partnership, New York

It's a gambit, but this campaign uses the vast TV wasteland to its advantage. In one spot, a young woman barges into a postgame interview to beg her dad to sign up for DirecTV, mauling the team mascot in the process. In another, a young man crashes a show to beg his mom for deliverance from daytime dramas.


"Melons," "Parents Day," "Grandma"

Agency: La Comunidad, Miami

Built around the tagline "A musician's life is more than just videos," this campaign uses video cliches to its advantage. In one, a rapper tries to buy fruit while backup dancers gyrate; in another, a metal god makes his way through parent-teacher night. In the third spot, a balladeer brings a wind machine to visit grandma.

Unilever's Knorr


Agency: EJE Sociedad Publicitaria, San Juan, Puerto Rico

A man arrives in a backwater town, walks into a cafe and tucks into a lunch that brings on flashbacks of love and heartbreak. But when he seeks out the pretty girl behind the counter, he finds it's her mother he remembered-by the taste of her cooking.

American Airlines


Agency: Zubi Advertising, Miami

With a tagline of "We know why you fly," this version of the mainstream American spot shows an understanding of the market and a touching, but not cloying, sensibility. In a series of artfully shot vignettes, travelers try to hold onto special moments of their travels.

Continental Airlines


Agency: Bromley Communications, San Antonio

Using play on a word that can mean both a request to bring something and to take care of it, this spot plays on the requests for often absurdly huge items friends and family always have for travelers. "To Latin America, you take requests." And Continental takes care of getting you to more places.

McDonald's Corp.

"Pretty Smart"

Agency: Del Rivero Messianu DDB, Coral Gables, Fla.

McDonald's plays on the popularity of the masked wrestler in Mexican popular culture and certain hipster circles. Could that be the famous Shocker, struggling to fit a large burger through the small opening in his mask? Then he pulls off his face mask to reveal-another wrestling mask.

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