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"Parents Day"

AGENCY: La Comunidad, Miami

beloved for its irreverence, clever humor and impeccable casting, "Parents Day" has been a big winner on the U.S. and international awards circuit this year.

To illustrate that VH1's offerings go beyond just music videos, the agency put a rock star in the mundane setting of a parent-teacher meeting at school to show that musicians have a life beyond music, too. ("Beyond music" is the network's tagline.) He's dressed in full rock-star regalia, and every time he asks a question about his daughter Jenny's French classes, flaring rockets shoot off around him. Although the commercial is hilarious and fun to watch over and over, the cast of rock star, teacher and parents plays it perfectly straight.

Separately, the whole VH1 campaign, including two other spots featuring a hip-hop star buying melons at a fruit stand and a pop musician visiting a grandmother who knits him mittens, won a Silver award for TV.

In the judges' final ballot, "Parents Day" beat out Kellogg's "Fiber Cycle" spot from Lapiz by one vote. In one of the most debated Best of Show awards in years, both ads plus Energizer's "Japanese" spot and Ragu's "Father & Son" all had champions for Best of Show during the judges' initial discussion.

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