Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010

Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010: Radio Winners

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Cine Las Americas Campaign: "Peru," "Bolivia"
Cine Las Americas Campaign: "Embarazada," "Presidente," "Ovnipuerto"




Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Cine Las Americas needed to bring alive on radio the message of a mainly visual campaign for a Latin American film festival: "If this is our reality, imagine our films."

CREATIVE SOLUTION: In each 60-second spot, a radio personality uses a serious tone to recount a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction tale from somewhere in Latin America in a series called Barbaridades de Latinoamerica. "The challenge with the radio campaign was that we needed to generate the same kind of response that we got out of the TV spots, but without the visual aspect of it," said Norbi Zylberberg, LatinWorks' VP group creative director.

"Peru" is about how Lima became the city with the most karaoke joints per capita in the world, and "Embarazada" is the story of Liliana, a Colombian woman who made headlines for being pregnant with nine babies until it was discovered she faked the whole pregnancy with pillows under her clothes. "Ovnipuerto" recounts Puerto Rican authorities' plan in 2005 to inaugurate an airport for extraterrestrials to land in the town of Lajas.


Starburst campaign "Llanto" and "Soundtrack"

Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

To illustrate aurally the contradiction of a candy that is hard yet soft, and solid but juicy, these radio spots each describe two contradictory situations. In "Llanto" ("Crying"), a woman weeps inconsolably while telling funny jokes and riddles. In "Soundtrack," a young man describes in detail his night out with the woman of his dreams, but in reality did the opposite of what he recalls, such as saying "I yelled" as the person on the soundtrack whispers. The tagline is "A juicy package full of contradictions."

UNICEF/Tap Project campaign

"Car Wash"
Agency: Casanova Pendrill

A man in a fast-food restaurant hesitates on whether to supersize his "combo" for $1 extra: "Should I make my burger bigger or help 40 kids get safe drinking water?" Voiceover: "The decision is easy...even if some can't seem to make it. Go to tapproject.org to make a donation and help bring drinking water to kids who really need it."

Same decision in "Car Wash": pay an extra $1 to add a new-car smell or donate the money.

Comcast "Subtitles" campaign

Agency: Grupo Gallegos, Los Angeles

Comcast continues a brilliant campaign to sell Spanish-language TV that demonstrates how Spanish-dominant TV viewers miss all the emotion when they watch TV with subtitles. To drive the point home, dramatic dialogue is spoken with punctuation marks. In "Shaolin," an apprentice says, "Master, comma, I don't think I understand, period." The master responds, "Do you see that warrior over there, question mark?"

Procter & Gamble's Bounty "Incompleto"
Agency: Lapiz, Chicago

Evoking a comparison with inferior paper towels that don't do the whole job, an announcer names foods that are messy if spilled but doesn't finish the words -- "guacam" instead of guacamole; "marma" instead of marmalade; "chocol" instead of chocolate, etc. The tagline: "Some paper towels don't clean stains in their entirety. Bounty, the most resistant paper towel."

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