Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010

Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010: TV Gold Winners

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Cine Las Americas Campaign: "Bano," "Cerdo" and "Princesa"
Cine Las Americas "Bano"
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Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

MARKETING CHALLENGE: Cine Las Americas wanted to draw a bigger crowd, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic, for Austin's annual Latin American film festival. But the agency also had to top last year's award-winning TV and radio campaign that featured real footage from unbelievably bizarre speeches by Latin American leaders to make the point: "If this is our reality, imagine our films."

CREATIVE SOLUTION: LatinWorks took it a step further by having actors bring to life the Latin leaders' ridiculous exhortations while the real speeches act as a voice-over (sadly, there's no lack of genuine absurd material). In the judges' favorite spot, "Bano," a bulky, hairy naked guy attempts with hilarious results to take a full shower with the contents of one glass of water. In the background, we hear Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez urging Venezuelans to save water by doing exactly that. In "Cerdo", an old, flabby couple make out in bed next to a glazed pig's head while Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner extols on TV the sexual benefits of eating pork: "It's better than Viagra!"

All the TV spots and the radio campaign that also won two Gold awards end with LatinWorks' now-famous tribute to Latin American cinema: "If this is our reality, imagine our films."

"We wanted to show something visually interesting that was consistent with last year's campaign," said Norbi Zylberberg, VP-group creative director at LatinWorks. But what will they do next year?

The judges gave Gold TV awards to both the campaign and to "Bano" as an individual spot, with a Silver award to "Cerdo."


MTV "Bird"
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Agency: La Comunidad, Miami

MARKETING CHALLENGE: MTV wanted to keep its image as a cool brand for the 18-24 crowd but needed to reinforce its relationship with the teen demographic (12 to 18.) It also wanted to communicate that MTV is much more than just music.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: MTV's longtime agency La Comunidad created MTV Includes, a series of teen-oriented spots conveying that MTV is not only about music, but is also a kind of curator for all things interesting and edgy. In "Bird," the message is MTV's take on the loss of innocence and naivete. A geeky-looking teen is minding his own business, buttering toast in his kitchen. Suddenly, his canary launches into a persuasive argument to coax the teen to release the bird from its cage. The canary coaxes: "Take me out and I promise to help you get rid of your glasses and make the bullies at school go away..." The boy is tempted, and eagerly sets the bird free. The bird flies away out the kitchen window, with a mocking scream: "Loser!"

"The theme of this spot is based on what teens experience every day at school," explains Jose Moll, La Comunidad's founder and creative director. "And, in this case, it ties in with the idea that MTV includes loss of naivete."

The agency also won a Bronze for "Model," in which MTV teaches the life lesson of early disappointment to a girl who wants to be a model. Her dad says models are tall, skinny, sensual and...stupid. "You have one of those characteristics."


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