Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010

Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010: Integrated/Multimedia Winners

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Cruz Roja Americana "Cada Dos Horas"
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Agency: JWT, San Juan, Puerto Rico

MARKETING CHALLENGE: In the midst of the AH1N1 flu crisis, the American Red Cross wanted to raise awareness about the virus, educate people about precautions and prevent them from panicking.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: JWT San Juan created "Cada dos horas" ("Every Two Hours") to remind people to wash their hands regularly to fend off flu germs and remain calm despite fears of a flu epidemic. The Cadadoshoras.org digital video alert system used email and social-media platforms Twitter and Facebook to send out witty updates exactly every two hours reminding people to wash their hands.

Each alert was a video of a celebrity telling a joke or doing something funny while washing their hands and conveying a simple message to wash hands and relax. Local luminaries including politicians, fashionistas, musical artists, TV news anchors and even the Governor of Puerto Rico himself joined the effort by recording short videos.

"Cada dos Horas" also won a Bronze award in the nontraditional/guerrilla-marketing category.


Cine Las Americas integrated campaign
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Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

This year's blockbuster Latin American film festival effort won six awards in the TV, radio and magazine categories, so no surprises that it was a favorite as an integrated campaign, too. The campaign uses the bizarre-but-real pronouncements of Latin American leaders -- such as President Hugo Chavez urging Venezuelans to take three-minute showers with a single glass of water -- to make the point "If this is our reality, imagine our films." The campaign even includes a DVD created as an "As Seen on TV" product called "3 Minute Showers" by Venezuela's president. Promoted on www.3minuteshowers.com, it was distributed in Austin video stores with a small plastic glass.

Harley-Davidson "Harlistas" campaign
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Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis

The agency told the personal stories of three Hispanic Harley riders, known as Harlistas, in TV and online spots, print ads and a mini-documentary. The entire campaign has a consistent look and feel as we follow the rich life stories of three different men, of which owning and riding their favorite motorcycles has been a constant theme.

California Milk Processing Board "Mucho Mas Que Leche"
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Agency: Grupo Gallegos, Los Angeles

To update the image of milk, Grupo Gallegos tried selling it as if it were a different product, comparable to other product categories that are good for the body, like moisturizer or toothpaste. That included positioning milk as though it were a sophisticated line of cosmetics in a special promotion in People en Espanol magazine and in small boutiques near the cosmetics counters in Macy's department stores in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Milk sales went up 3%.

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