Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010

Hispanic Creative Advertising Awards 2010: Interactive Winners

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Yaris website
Yaris website
Agency: Conill, Los Angeles

MARKETING CHALLENGE: With two of its models, the three-door Liftback and the Toyota Yaris sedan, well established, Yaris wanted to boost awareness of the 5-door Liftback.

CREATIVE SOLUTION: Conill created a website that revolves around the number three, starting with the site's name: www.yarisyarisyaris.com. Upon entering, users find three cursors, corresponding to an interactive area for each model consistent with the creative, playful nature of the Yaris brand. "We needed to tell users that there are not two but three models of Yaris," said Pablo Buffagni, Conill's senior VP-chief creative officer. "And the beauty of it is that everything has to do with the number three."

The three options: Personalize a 'pixel' and email it to friends; make music with a series of pre-recorded noises, or choose an animated character that best describes the users' mood of the day. In the first month, the site drew more than 40,000 visitors; 67% entered the product page and 25,000 created their own pixel.


Burger King "F�tbol Kingdom" website
F�tbol Kingdom website
Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, Texas

Soccer fans visiting Burger King's www.futbolkingdom.com could create their own avatar, play online and earn points. They could also meet the BK Futboladores, a group of freestyle exhibitionists who displayed their tricks and skills at each of the F�tbol Kingdom stops, visiting fans in Denver, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas and San Jose. A day-long event brought families together to interact with other soccer fans and visit Burger King's own giant mobile kitchen.

Gladiator Power Cream "Weekend Largo"
Weekend Largo website
Agency: DraftFCB, Puerto Rico

After a three-day holiday weekend, Gladiator Power Cream, marketed as a sexual stimulant, sent out emails with a folder that supposedly contained photos taken during the sender's "Weekend Largo" ("Long Weekend"). The idea was to show how much you can do in three days with the aid of Gladiator Power Cream. The cursor automatically clicks through many options, picking morning over night, a specific hour, a certain room, the name of a woman. We never see any pictures, but the impression created is that there are many.

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