THE CREATIVE: Josh Sullivan, 28 Senior creative director, AKQA

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You helped create a guerrilla marketing coup that sold 2 million copies of the game Halo 2. How?

We knew we had to develop a Web site that would be accessible to people who speak 12 languages in 17 countries. That was a nightmare on a tight deadline. So to save effort, we decided we would invent the alien's language and pretend the aliens hacked into the Web site we put up to market the game. I did the work making it come alive on the Web site. Fans broke the code in about three hours.

Are you a techie or a creative?

I'm about 70% programming and 30% design. I try to ride the fence between the two. Programmers tend to make very utilitarian things. Without some kind of artistic vision, the end result isn't captivating

Do you play video games?

I'm a pretty hard-core gamer. I probably play games 15 to 20 hours a week. I don't watch TV, I don't even have cable.

Do you put in long hours?

It's been my thing to work up to 50 hours. My two-week record is 132 hours.

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