THE MEDIA GUY: Todd Herman, 37 Streaming media evangelist,

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What's a streaming media evangelist?

I own the ad strategy of video ads online-evangelizing internally and talking helping ad agencies figure out their media strategy.

Who gave you your title?

I picked it. I was very happy living the ponytail life of a consultant for MSN. When they offered me a job I figured, it's Microsoft, resistance is futile. They offered me a pretty high title, but I begged them to let me stay an evangelist.

What was your coolest job before this?

I was a radio talk show-host in Seattle. There, as a 26-year-old kid, I took on Rep. Tom Foley, D-Wash., when he was the speaker of the House and told him I would run him out of office. When he lost his race by 1% of the vote, some 3% of those voters said they were swayed by what I said.

What prepared you best for Internet marketing?

In 1998, I started The Dial, an Internet radio network, which had 37 of the top 100 Web sites as affiliates. We were the first company to bring Sears, P&G and H&R Block into Internet radio advertising. We went out and cracked broadcast budgets.

What's it like not being a tech guy at Microsoft?

I've been in the business since 1996, so I've picked up the technology, but I am like the foreign-exchange student around here. People are like, "Oh, you're a media guy, you're from Dresden."

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