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(Some ideas worth tracking in the world of online video and video search)

The Long Tail: Made famous by Wired's Chris Anderson, the "long tail" refers to the fact that while in scarcity-based environments-such as broadcast TV-success comes down to creating "hits," on the infinite-sized Internet a good buck can be made selling lots and lots of low-demand products.

User-Created Content: (Related to the long tail.) Today, broadcast, film and other professionals create most video programming. Cheap, powerful technology-PCs, cameras, multimedia players (iPods)-puts video creation in the hands of the masses, much like blog software did for online publishing. User-created content feeds the long tail.

Cut-and-Paste Culture: Another recent Wired cover story, the idea that things such as mashups (of songs) or video blogs (the stringing together of video content) represent something fundamentally new: a world of virtual bands (Gorrillaz), Jar-Jar-less Star Wars, Hummer golf carts and FrankenNikes.

Viral Video:You've got to see this! Pass-alongs are key to Internet culture, but viral videos seem to take on a life of their own. From the Subservient Chicken to the Star Wars Kid to Paris Hilton's infamous romp, viral videos are often user-created but more importantly spread rapidly, widely and organically.

Digital Rights Management (DRM): Media pros and technology partners such as Apple and Microsoft want to make sure licensed content gets paid for. But DRM can be confusing and limiting (DRM-encoded content often doesn't transfer well from one device to another) and both user-created and user-shared video content via networks like BitTorrent offer a more friction-less experience.

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