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Vogue publisher Tom Florio says that a few years ago, client meetings became more than just demographic briefings as marketers sought guidance about how to partner with the fashion monthly's powerful brand.

"We started to present what we called the Vogue capability study," he says. "We found ourselves not only briefing but coming in with creative solutions that went beyond the magazine's advertorial section. We started to bring photographers that matched points of view and sensibilities into the room and integrated marketing platforms to the table."

Vogue Studio was born.

"It wouldn't be unusual for us to go into a presentation having completely deconstructed a client's brand, talking about the DNA of their brand-what we felt they should leave behind and what we felt they should move forward-and offering creative strategies to do it," says Mr. Florio.

The Vogue Studio at Conde Nast Publications executed 230 pages of ad creative last year and has created high-profile multipage inserts for clients like Wal-Mart Stores and Lanc“me. The Wal-Mart campaign, which debuted in September and next appears in the May issue, features Wal-Mart shoppers, styled and photographed from a Vogue point of view. "We put together a full program around it with them, and they were great partners in that way," says Jennifer Warren, Wal-Mart account director at GSD&M, Austin, Texas.
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