Flipper Lives

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An animatronic dolphin spoofs the ubiquity of Yahoo culture in this scenically silly :30, from Black Rocket. On a deserted island (the island of Palau in Micronesia, to be exact), a lone tourist wades to his knees in crystalline water. Suddenly a shiny dolphin comes to the surface. "How'd you find this place?" it asks matter-of-factly. "Yahoo," answers the confused tourist. "Oh," the dolphin says, and starts to submerge when the guy cries out. "Wait! How'd you learn to talk?" "Yahoo," is the answer.

Client: Yahoo Agency: Black Rocket ECD/AD/CWs: Bob Kerstetter, Steve Stone Agency Producer: Hannah Murray Director: Erich Joiner/Tool of North America Editor: Bob Frisk/Phoenix Editorial Music/Sound Design: Andy Newell/Ripe Audio

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