Highway 1040 Blues

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Willie Nelson actually put down his pipe and stepped off his bus! He needs money 'cause he owes a king's ransom in back taxes, so he makes an H&R Block commercial in which he has to shill for Smoothie shave cream 'cause he owes a king's ransom in back taxes. This shill within a shill is damn shrewd. But why does Willie owe $30 mil? Because his Arthur Andersen-style accountant, who breaks the news to Willie while eating Chinese takeout, made "a little mistake" on his taxes. H&R Block disses its own industry while Willie disses himself, unable to make "a smooth move" with a can of shave cream. But what's more lovable than a celeb rupturing his own ego? An old guy with braids! Anyway, Bryan Buckley directed, so it's funny.

Client: H&R Block Agency: Campbell Mithun/Minneapolis CD: Patrick Hanlon Deputy CD: George Halvorson CW: Joe Stephanson Agency Producer: Kathy DiToro Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man Editor: Karen Knowles/kk. e

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