King of Pain

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Reebok's entry in the game - its first since 1994 - featured "Terrible" Terry Tate, a borderline psychotic linebacker (aren't they all?) who has been hired by a firm called Felcher & Sons to enforce office etiquette and efficiency by bringing the pain to errant employees. The idea is based on a film by Rawson Thurber, which he shot as a digital short with backing from Propaganda Films way back in 1999. Production company Hypnotic eventually took it over and shopped the idea to The Arnell Group and Reebok. The campaign's Super Bowl debut cued viewers to tune in to Reebok's website to watch the further exploits of Tate, which involve hilariously teeth-rattling office tackles and lots of taunting. It appears Mr. T. shtick just never grows old.

Client: Reebok Agency: The Arnell Group CW: Rawson Thurber Director: Rawson Thurber/Hypnotic Editor: Jason Painter/Swietlik Sound Design: Comma

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