Mini Master

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The BattleBot phenomenon has cooled just enough to be hot again, making this DDB-sponsored "RoboBash" between machine and mini-fridge a smashing success. In one corner of the klieg-lit ring is a monster robot, replete with a razor-edged wrecking ball. In the other, a squeaking, wood-paneled mini-fridge. Bets are on the robot until, wham! The fridge opens to reveal a Bud Light, distracting the robot's nerdy remote controllers. Suddenly, a giant hammer extends from behind the fridge and pounds the robot to rubble.

Client: Budweiser Agency: DDB/Chicago CCO: Bob Scarpelli GCD: John Immesoete CDs: Mark Gross, Bill Cimino ACD/AD: Dick Tracy ACD/CW: Geoff McCartney Agency Producer: Chris Bing Director: Bruce Hurwitt/Crossroads Editor: Andy Ames/Panic & Bob Special Effects: Chad Ashley, Glen Nonoren/Optimus Music: Scandal

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