Monster Truckin'

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Job site Monster - which, along with competitor HotJobs and, was one of three remaining dot-coms to make the Bowl this year - used the game to roll out Monster Skilled & Hourly, an expansion of the service to include employment listings in industries ranging from healthcare to trucking. But what they actually rolled out was a bigass truck careening out of control because it, uh, has no driver. All this mayhem is caused needlessly, as it turns out, as we see a perfectly good truck driver sitting around drinking coffee. Nevertheless, it's a great opportunity to do 18-wheeler high jinks and shell out for the pointless pyrotechnics of a nice gas station blowup. This is the Super Bowl, after all, and we like to see the money on the screen, you know? Moreover, nice closeup of a guy with Coke bottle glasses, in what could be a clever cross-promotion.

Client: Agency: Arnold Worldwide/Boston CCO: Ron Lawner GCD: Pete Favat CWs: John Kearse, Mike Howard ADs: Lee Einhorn, Mike Martin Agency Producer: Paul Shannon Director: Baker Smith/Harvest Editor: Andre Betz/Bug Editorial

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