The Ozzman Selleth

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Just how more mainstream can Ozzy Osbourne get? We can already see Mr. Mumbles sitting on Hollywood Squares for 10 years, then drinking himself silly at the dais during his Friar's Club roast. Here, in one of the most popular spots on the big game, he touts a second-string soda called Pepsi Twist with the aid of: a seen-before digital unzipping conceit; his obnoxious money-grubbing kids; Donny and Marie Osmond; and Shake N Bake veteran Florence Henderson. Do they still make the Dove Bar? Why hasn't he bitten the head off one yet? But Bryan Buckley directed, so it's funny.

Client: Pepsi Twist Agency: BBDO/New York CCO: Ted Sann ACD/CCW: Jordan Allen ACD/AD: Susan Levine Agency Producer: Grant Gill Director: Bryan Buckley/Hungry Man Editor: Sherri Margulies/Crew Cuts Effects: Quiet Man, The Mill, New York Music: Face the Music

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