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Corrections to AA report on top 300 magazines

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The following corrections and amplifications concern data published in the Ad Age 300 magazine report, June 12.

* GamePro should have been classified as E001, Advertising Age's special designation for a broad range of computer/Internet/electronic game magazines, rather than C045A, the consumer teen category. In the E001 category, it ranks No. 10 in ad page growth based on its 5.2% increase in ad pages in 1999.

* AA obtained ad pages and ad revenue for No. 37 eWeek (formerly PC Week) from Adscope and No. 36 InfoWorld from Rome Reports. eWeek would have ranked higher than InfoWorld had a single source been used for the two publications. Adscope measured ad revenue of $171 million for eWeek and $145 million for InfoWorld in 1999; Rome reported ad revenue of $221 million for eWeek and $172 million for InfoWorld.

* An inputting error failed to capture CFO magazine's 32.9% growth in ad pages from 383 in 1998 to 509 in 1999. It should have ranked third by ad page growth among business publications.

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