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In "Tech vet Segall eyes Messner move" (Nov. 13, P. 6), the name of Sean Hardwick, European account director for TBWA/Chiat/Day on Apple Computer, was misspelled.

In "From elevators to gas stations, ads multiplying" (Nov. 13 P. 40), Captivate Network is located in Westford, Mass.

In the table "Accounts merging ahead: U.S. ad agency automotive clients" (Nov. 13, P. 106), SFM Media was incorrectly listed as a unit of Omnicom Group. SFM is a unit of Havas Advertising.

In "Word of Net ranks site 'Visibility'" (Nov. 6, P. 12), GeoCities was incorrectly identified as a unit of America Online. It is a property of Yahoo!.

In the table "10 hot newspaper markets produce $6.3 billion total ad revenue," accompanying the article "10 hot media markets" (July 24, P. 30), the data for "Newspaper advertising/1999 and 1998" were incorrect. The ranking of markets by newspaper ad revenue per household was unchanged, however. A corrected chart is available at Adage.com (https://adage.com/dataplace/archives/dp486.html).

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