The 2007 Leo Burnett Predictions Reel

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Every year Leo Burnett issues a reel with its picks for the Film Grand Prix at Cannes—here it is, along with three of this year's strong Titanium candidates at the very end.
Coca-Cola: Happiness Factory
BBC Radio 2: Elvis
Honda: Museum/Asimo
Vaseline: Sea of Skin
National Geographic Channel: Heavy Head
Volkswagen: Like/Movie/Critique
Centraal Beheer: Acupuncture
Johnnie Walker: Human
Burger King: Stuff of Legends
Bangkok Life Assurance: Salesman 1-3
Fleurop-Interflora: Haircut/Party
Lux: Balloon/Neon Girl
Altoids Sours: Fruit Pants
Volkswagen: Horse's Mouth/Tea/Hidden Camera
Dove: Evolution
Nike: Defy
G4 TV - Midnight Spank: Bedroom/Kidney
American Express: Animals
Quiksilver Surf Gear: Dynamite Surfing
Scuola D'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi: Registration is Open
Lynx Deodorant: Billions
Mountain Dew: Master
Axe: Crashes/Fishes
Levi's: Dangerous Liaisons
Ace: Scared Babies
Happy Dent Teeth Whitening Gum: Happy Dent Palace
Coca-Cola: Birdman
Toyota Tacoma: Robosaurus
Travelers: Snowball
Shera Flexy Board: Jing-Jok
NAPCAN: Children See. Children Do.
XBOX 360: Cops and Robbers
TFL Motorcycle Safety: The Day You Went to Work
Daimler Chrysler - Smart: Backseat
Nike: I Feel Pretty
Levi's: News Story
1st For Women: Taking the Piss
Red Stripe Beer: Foot Doctor/Hairstyling Vacuum Attachment/Large Headed Friend
MTV/Auto Trader: Idiots
Energizer: Immortal
Motorola Razr: Cut Through
Coca-Cola: Video Game
AOL Time Warner - Turner Classic Movies: Close Encounters/Pulp Fiction
Aides: Love Story
Adidas: David Beckham
Foster's: Fish Market/Wedding
Smooth E: Trailer/Foam/Daddy/Materialism
Impulse: Plane/Train
Banco Hipptecario: 40 Blocks and a Baguette
Sony Bravia: Paint
Panasonic Oxyride: The Oxyride Manned Airplane Project
Tate Modern: Tate Tracks
Earth Hour: Earth Hour
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