Mad Men

You Got 'Mad Men' in My Coffee!

Eight O'Clock Unveils Line of E-Cards

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Is there anyone who isn't just dying to be associated with "Mad Men"? All the swooning over the show. All those ridiculous (and ugly) little avatars on Twitter and Facebook. Hell, I'd bet Barack Obama and the Democrats would get health-care reform right through if they arranged to somehow work it into the plot of the show ... or just get Jon Hamm as Don Draper to hit the road to sell it. To be fair, if Obama named Christina Hendricks as the spokeswoman, I could be convinced of almost anything. Have you seen this woman? I mean ... oh, wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. Eight O'Clock Coffee has created some "Mad Men" e-cards.

Eight O'Clock, which also sponsored the Mad Men Yourself avatar program (blech), is offering eight cards that can be personalized and sent along to your friends. There's even an option to set it up as an out-of-office reply, thought I'm not quite sure how that works. Eight O'Clock's agency, S3, Boonton, N.J., created the site and the associated online advertising.

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