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Chiat Pushes for Equality, Revlon Plans Men's Genital Deodorant: Real 'Mad Men'-Era News

Throwback Thursday: More Ad Age Stories from 1969

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The idea of family was a central theme in this week's episode. Spoilers: It served as the heart of SC&P's new Burger Chef work and emerged in various plot threads, like Bob Benson's proposal to Joan, the disintegration of Don's marriage to Megan and even in the pseudo-unit formed by Don, Peggy and Pete in the episode's final scene. But what was going on in the real ad world at the time? Find out in this week's installment of real ad headlines from the final season of "Mad Men."

Court Rules Cost of Taking Mom on Trip Is Deductible
Back in 1969, that family was crucial to business was evident in this federal court ruling, which allowed for the tax deduction of a wife's travel expenses when she accompanied her husband on a business trip. The court stated that although the wife's activities "'were of a kind which she would normally engage in while they were both at home," the added factor was that company policy put her husband to the additional expense of paying for his wife's travel expenses 'so that she could assist him in this way on the road.'" The ruling stemmed from a case involving Disney head Roy O. Disney, who had attempted but failed to claim tax refunds based on his wife's travel expenses.

Lanz Campaign Shows 'Candids' of Career Girls
In this week's episode, Peggy Olson was relegated to playing the "emotional" part of a pitch to client Burger Chef, while Don took the lead. This real-world campaign for women's wear brand Lanz, however, celebrated career women in "professions not available to her yesterday." ("Portia, the scales of justice weigh.")

Joseph Labs Names Marsteller to Handle New Cupid's Quiver
Speaking of opportunities that were available to women, in 1969, their douching choices were quite amazing. This article reported on a new campaign for Joseph Laboratories' "Cupid's Quiver," a feminine hygiene product that would be sold to women at department store cosmetic counters, available in floral scents orange blossom and jasmine, as well as "flavor" scents champagne and raspberry.

Revlon to Market Genital Deodorant
But it's not as if men were deprived of scents for down-there in 1969. This briefing reported on Revlon's plans to market "Private Deodorant," a male genital spray deodorant that was part of four-product Bracci line "The Specific Sprays." No agency had yet been awarded the project.

School Can't Bar Anti-Viet Ad, Court Says
The Vietnam War cast a shadow over this season, and in real-world ad news, Ad Age reported on a U.S. district court ruling that permitted high school students to put an anti-Vietnam war ad in their school paper. "It would be both incongruous and dangerous for this court to hold that students who wish to express their views on matters intimately related to them through traditionally accepted non-disruptive modes of communication may be precluded from doing so by the adult community," the court said.

Chiat/Day Effort to Combat Racism Includes Booklet Dashing Rumors
Issues of racial intolerance have been another recurring theme throughout this season, and this piece looks at Chiat/Day co-founder Jay Chiat's attempt to fight racism with a campaign for the L.A. County Commission on Human Relations. It included a pamphlet that highlighted rumor vs. reality when it came to people's perceptions of African Americans and posters and bumper stickers with copy such as "Is Your Neighborhood All White or All American?"

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