Mad Men

Here's What's Missing From Your 'Mad Men' Drinking Game

Published on .

Last year around this time we asked "Do You Have Your 'Mad Men' Drinking Game Ready?" as the AMC drama returned to TV. This year, as "Mad Men" heads toward its series finale, we're asking the same thing -- but being even more helpful, by offering to send this handy flask your way.

Is there a catch? Of course there's a catch. But it's a good catch. All you need to do is become an Advertising Age member at the basic level -- which is a great deal already at $109/year, but which we're offering to you at just $79/year (28% off) for a limited time -- and you get the flask. (What you stick in the flask is entirely up to you.)

Sorry, we can only send the flask to U.S. members. But we're offering the same 28% discount off of our Canada/Mexico membership rate, as well as our Rest of the World rate.

Just click here to join us.

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