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Photo Tour: Ogilvy Paris' New 'Mad Men' Lounge

Agency Uses Period Furniture and Real Artifacts From David Ogilvy to Celebrate Golden Age of Advertising

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While "Mad Men" fans are officially mourning the end of yet another outstanding season, the folks at Ogilvy, Paris, have figured a way to keep that fedora-wearing, booze-before-lunch feeling all week long.

The French outpost of WPP's Ogilvy has found a fun way to honor its late founder, David Ogilvy, and the golden era of advertising. On the top floor of the agency -- located on the chic Avenue George V in one of Paris' most upscale shopping districts -- the management team has constructed a new lounge and meeting space for clients that 's appointed entirely with Mad Men era furniture and accessories. The plan is for the lounge to serve as a bit of a museum as well, as it's collecting artifacts from Mr. Ogilvy's estate which it will sprinkle throughout the space.

The folks at Ogilvy, Paris, gave me a quick tour a few weeks ago, allowing me to snap a few pics along the way to share with our readers.

Some of the things you'll notice:

--An old Philips TV set (Philips is a client of the agency). Ogilvy cleverly refit the set, equipping it with a flat screen and speaker phones so that it can make client presentations from computers but with the old-timey effect of the TV.

--Russian dolls. It's a nod to one of David Ogilvy's traditions. He used to send the Russian dolls when a new head of market was named. Inside the smallest doll, a message would say his now-famous quote: "If you always hire people who are smaller than you are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. If, on the other hand, you always hire people who are bigger than you are, we shall become a company of giants."

--Deer wall mount. The deer on the wall is evocative of one of Mr. Ogilvy's passions: hunting. In fact, the estate in France Mr. Ogilvy purchased during the 1960s, Touffou, has a hunting museum on its grounds.

--Vinyl records. The records are taking a bit of liberty; these aren't not necessarily the same tunes that Mr. Ogilvy jammed to but a fun vintage detail representative of the times.

--Whiskey, pipes. Quite simply, as Benoit de Fleurian, the head of the office told me: "You cannot have a 'Mad Men' ambiance without a carafe of whiskey!!! As for the pipe, yes, David was smoking the pipe."

The agency has the blessing of Mr. Ogilvy's wife, Herta, who these days still resides at the family's French estate, Touffou. With her help, the agency will soon add some real memorabilia, including a large painting of David, a panama hat and family photos from the '50s.

Stylist Isabelle Baudry assisted the agency in finding the era-appropriate furniture, wall treatments, carpets and more.

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