Mad Men

The Real 'Mad Men' Diaries: Was There Really That Much Sex in the Office?

Ad Execs From Era Say Yes -- Well, Maybe Even More

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Video shot and edited by Nate Skid and John Picklap

The horniest executives of the Mad Men days seemed to work at Y&R.

So recalls former Ogilvy copywriter Jane Maas in the return of our award-winning Real 'Mad Men' Diaries video series. The shop was "a hotbed of sex in that era," she said, surrounded by about six hotels, which "made nooners easy."

The Y&R title might be disputed by Jerry Della Femina, whose shop was notorious for an agency-wide sex contest inaugurated in 1967, recounted in his memoir "From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor."

But all that fevered fornicating sometimes had a more wholesome ending: DDB Chairman Emeritus Keith Reinhard recalled meeting his wife when she sought refuge in his office while fleeing an ardent admirer.

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