The Winners: Interactive

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Bromley Communications

Agency: Bromley Communications,

San Antonio. Credits: Bromley creative department. Category: Corporate Web site

The agency created its simple but captivating new Web site ( around the time-honored concept of jotting ideas down on a napkin. On each page, information about Bromley is scribbled on an ordinary white napkin.


"The New York Times" Job Market: "Alphabet"

Agency: Bravo Group, New York

Credits: Creative director/copywriter: Conchita Funcia. Art director: Gustavo Garcia. Category: Interactive Campaign

Fun, upbeat interactive ads suggest possible occupations from Arquitecto to Zapatero (shoemaker), from conservative choices like engineer to karaoke singer. The message is clear: No matter what your job, the newspaper's relaunched job market section is the best source.


La Comunidad

Agency: La Comunidad, Miami Beach, Fla.

Credits: Creative directors/copywriters: Jose Molla, Joaquin Molla. Art directors: Abraham Espinosa, Mariano Cassisi

In an organic approach to a digital medium, La Comunidad's new Web site ( is built around a clear jar of several different seeds. Click on a pod and it quickly sprouts into a small plant, whose leaves lead to information about the agency.


Grupo N Advertising

Agency: Grupo ¥ Advertising, Phoenix


Primera Hora: "Mujeres" & "Mas Puertorrique¤as"

Agency: Arteaga & Arteaga, Rio Piedras,

Puerto Rico

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