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It's just one of a gazillion pieces of spam sent out every day, but the one a pal of The Buzz forwarded was full of come-ons about "Wholesale Prescription Medications!" and appeared to come from an interesting source. If we are to believe the "From" line, this one came from Bonnie Fuller, a name more associated with the editorship of Wenner Media's US Weekly than for being on the front lines of the spam wars. Ms. Fuller, unsurprisingly, denied she'd started up a business on the side, and cited her magazine's notorious late nights as proof: "I can assure you-I'm quite busy with my day job." A Wenner Media spokesman backed her up. "Bonnie doesn't use e-mail," he said. More's the pity. We were looking forward to taking up the spam on its offer to have "our doctors . . . write you a prescription"-and then act all hurt when they told us to take two pages of "Fashion Police" and call `em in the morning.

The Viacom network formerly known as TNN has hired a design agency to give it an extreme makeover. Trollbeck & Co., New York, has been charged with turning TNN into Spike TV, aka "television's first network for men," aged 18-35. A new Spike TV logo was introduced at the MTV Networks' upfront this month, and now the agency is working on billboards, posters, taxi tops, on-air promos and TV spots. Trollbeck also redesigned Viacom's TVLand.

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