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NBC has acquired the rights to another hit Brit series, "The Office," from the BBC. Last year, the network acquired the rights to "Coupling," also from the BBC, in partnership with Universal Television and Reveille Productions. An American version of that sexy comedy series is on the NBC's prime-time schedule for the fall, to air on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. Reveille and Universal are also in on "The Office" deal. According to Ben Silverman, CEO of Reveille, and Jeff Zucker, president of NBC Entertainment, the show is in development but there are no immediate plans to put it on air. The British series is about office hi jinks at a paper-supply company in a London suburb. The show is shot like a documentary and features petty fights over scotch tape and desk space and can be seen stateside on the BBC America cable channel. NBC spent considerable money and effort to adapt "Coupling" to U.S. TV, shooting two different pilots with two different casts. NBC and its partners are now experimenting with ways to translate the very British "Office" for American audiences.
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