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Last year magazines and marketers sought, somewhat shamelessly, to leverage maximum ink and ad bang out of odd-number anniversaries. Among them: Conde Nast's GQ (45th), the Ralph Lauren brand (35th), and Forbes (85th). This year, look for Hearst's Esquire to out-leverage them all with its not-exactly-diamond 70th. A circular making the rounds among advertisers touts four issues-September's "70 years of Style"; October's "official" anniversary themed around "The Future of Men"; November's "70 Years of Women We Love" and December's "Best and Brightest"-with anniversary content, and promises more in its January `04's "Meaning of Life" issue as well.

Esquire's Editor In Chief David Granger says the anniversary content in most issues will be confined to special sections and disputes lumping Esquire in with last year's models. "70's an even number, man," he says. "If I thought I was hammering the point home too much I wouldn't be doing it." Some observers suggest all the commemoration/self-congratulation may weary readers: How much looking-back-with-a-martini-in-hand can one take? According to one media buyer-to whom The Buzz figures such packages are geared toward-quite a bit. "I always look for reasons to look back with a martini in hand," shrugs Pam McNeely, senior VP of Interpublic Group of Cos.' Dailey & Associates, Los Angeles.

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