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THE SECRET to all, says Miramax Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein, is niche. "I did a general [interest] magazine called Talk," he told attendees at the Rolling Stone Youth Culture Conference last week. "And generally it cost us $60 million." Actually, that figure is a slight exaggeration. Weinstein later says, after admitting the venture failed because "I didn't know [expletive] about the magazine industry," Miramax's losses were "$27 million-plus," which nets out to around a combined $55 million split with partner Hearst Magazines. An interesting admission, because while an attendee at the conference, which Ad Age co-sponsored, got Weinstein to concede his biggest screw-ups (the botched marketing for 1992's "Into The West" and his missing the beginning of a "La Femme Nikita" screening , which led him to dismiss it), Weinstein generally does not do humble. On the bundle Miramax is asking of an automotive sponsor for its "Green Hornet," out summer `05? Weinstein suggested that price was just a price negotiation. "Don't take her [Miramax exec VP Lori Sale, who's handling the deal] at retail. Get her at wholesale." Weinstein's candor was not surprising, coming from a man with a reputation so fearsome that Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers made reference to it in the first sentence of his introduction: "What do you say about Harvey Weinstein, especially when he's in the room?"
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