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Evan Marriott, Fox's "Joe Millionaire," and butler Paul Hogan are looking for their respective 15-minutes of endorsement fame. Randy James, a principal in James Levy Jacobson Management-Marriott's Burbank, Calif.-based manager-is focusing on two potential endorsement deals, one for an automotive and another for a fast-food company. "We are also talking with Paramount about developing a possible film project as well as some TV hosting," James says. "He's been on the cover of People. He's been on every single talk show." Paul Hogan, according to manager Michael Rosenberg, is being considered for two commercials-one automotive endorsement and one for tennis footwear. On March 2, he made a guest appearance on E!'s "Anna Nicole Smith Show," to "add some class," according to Rosenberg.

Fox posted its first ever adults 18-49 sweeps victory with a Nielsen 5.7 rating in the February sweep-18.7% more than NBC's 4.8 rating. (AA, Feb. 24, P.1) The adults 18-49 demo is the most important one to advertisers. CBS came in third with a 4.2. ABC was a close fourth with a 4.0 rating. In the adult 18-34 demographic category, Fox scored first again with a 6.0 rating; NBC was second with a 4.1 rating. Following were ABC (3.2), CBS (2.9), WB (2.3), and UPN (1.6). CBS claimed the No. 1 position in overall viewership, with an average of 9.719 million viewers-11% more than NBC.

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