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It's Oscar season and the marketing is in full swing. New Line Cinema is pushing "About Schmidt" and "Punch Drunk Love," while Sony Pictures is out behind "Adaptation" and Miramax Films is touting "Chicago" and "Gangs of New York." Craig Hitchcock, publishing director for Daily Variety, says advertising for the Hollywood trade is pacing 10% up over last year. The Golden Globes Awards has helped. Studios amp up marketing dollars not only for those who won, but also for those who didn't win in the hopes of increasing the odds of an Oscar come March.

Metamedia move of the week goes to E! Entertainment Networks and Wenner Media's Us Weekly. The two are considering a reality show based upon the internal working of Bonnie Fuller's magazine. Informal talks began early this year, with a decision to be made in February (and already staffers say they're anxious). "It's so preliminary," said Janice Min, Us executive editor, who nonetheless confirms it all could happen: "We were approached." She said a decision could come next month, depending on the outcome of further discussions, staffers' relative chariness levels, and, the Buzz surmises, whether or not anyone at Us suffers from a substance abuse problem as compelling as Ozzy's or Anna Nicole Smith's. An E! spokeswoman said it was "way too premature to comment."

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