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David Letterman wanted more promotion behind his show. Now, CBS is not just plugging his "Late Show" on the radio, but letting him speak for himself. The network is tapping into parent Viacom's fleet of Infinity stations to give Dave wider exposure by simulcasting the show each night on 15 stations in top markets.

It's tough to find even a putting green amid the concrete of midtown Manhattan. But that may soon change as the sport surges in popularity. The U.S. Golf Association bid $16 million for what was the Russian Tea Room, where it wants to place a museum. Sure to be featured: Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Cable's Golf Channel and Golf Digest are taking a swing at the issue of who is the greatest in a joint-content production, "Tiger vs. Jack." The channel will run a special and the magazine a lengthy feature. Accenture, Merck's Zocor and Brown-Forman Corp.'s Jack Daniels are the exclusive sponsors.

Tumult continues at Gemstar-TV Guide with the resignation of the magazine's editor Steven Reddicliffe-with no replacement in sight. That followed word of more revenue restatements and litigation losses over key company patents. There's also an SEC probe-no longer huge news among media companies.

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