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9 Gore TV Former Vice President Al Gore is quietly looking for backers in Hollywood and D.C. for a "progressive" cable outlet to counter such voices as Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.

7 Joe Lelyveld The New York Times newsroom is reportedly calmer under Lelyveld, and he may use that goodwill to push through a modest redesign of the Old Grey Lady's front-page headlines.

4 Michael Savage San Francisco's WABC dropped rabidly conservative MSNBC talk show host Savage's evening show in what he says is a pressure tactic to get him to extend his contract.

2 Dominick Dunne Being sued by Gary Condit for slander, he's also got the Kennedy family breathing down his neck. Even being dubbed by New York magazine as America's Most Famous Journalist doesn't soothe these troubles.

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