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9 Cable Upfront Following a robust broadcast upfront, cable executives worked feverishly on deals all week to meet the demand from pharma, entertainment and restaurant marketers.

6 Media Deals Despite the Federal Communications Commission's move to loosen media ownership rules, don't expect a flood of deal making, more like a steady stream of newspaper-TV pairings.

4 Baby Bob CBS is giving its series based on a character that first appeared in an ad for a defunct Internet service another chance, by airing eight episodes this summer. Because who doesn't like talking

babies? Oh yeah, the critics.

1 Credibility Only 36% of American believe news organizations get the facts right, according to a poll by USA Today/ CNN/Gallup. And don't blame Jayson Blair. Two out of three people polled said they are not following the story, despite the intense coverage by the media.

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