Heat Index

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10 TV Upfront Market moved quickly as buyers and sellers worked through the night. Result: 60% of prime-time deals completed by midweek. No word on how many cold pizzas were eaten.

8 'American Idol' Finale that named Reuben Stoddard the winner drew a 33 share for last half hour. But Clay Aiken fans shouldn't worry, he gets record deal too.

3 'Buffy The VAmpire Slayer' The teen-queen screamer series hung up its vampire-impaling spikes, as the final episode had Buffy's town Sunnydale sink into a big gaping hole in the ground. Much like the hole the series leaves in UPN's lineup.

1 'The Practice' David E. Kelley's law drama will air next season, but without lead actors Dylan McDermott, Lara Flynn Boyle and four others. Kelley said ABC's decision to cut the license fee in half prompted the decision to not renew key actors' contracts.

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