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9 The Gourmet Cookbook Conde Nast's Gourmet Editor in Chief Ruth Reichl signs $1 million book deal with Houghton Mifflin for what it hopes will become a kitchen-shelf staple.

7 'Malcolm in the middle' Fox renewed its Sunday 9 p.m. coming-of-age show starring Frankie Muniz as genius Malcolm, which consistently gets 10.8 million 18-49 year old viewers each week.

4 'Topic A With Tina Brown' Ex-Talk-er Tina Brown's TV show gets the green light from its CNBC for an April 30 debut after being postponed from the original March 19 start date because of the war. The topical chatfest is scheduled to run four times this year.

2 'Seventeen' Minimal interest in the sale of teen-queen title leaves it a wallflower at the buying ball, but parent Primedia hopes Hachette proves to be Prince Charming.

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