Heat Index

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10 Fox News Rupert Murdoch's all news channel averaged 5.8 million viewers in primetime the weekend of March 23, compared to CNN's 4.7 million and MSNBC's 2.5 million.

7 Miramax Harvey Weinstein nabbed nine Oscars thanks primarily to "Chicago" (and Nicole Kidman in "The Hours,") but "Gangs of New York" failed to garner a single award, despite ten nominations.

3 Connie Chung CNN drops the longtime news anchor's prime-time show after putting it on hiatus during war coverage. Ms. Chung seems to have fallen out of favor after AOL Time Warner installed new top management at CNN.

2 Oscar ratings War is hell ... for the Academy Awards. ABC scored the lowest ratings for the televised ceremony since 1974, and the Academy had to contend with Michael Moore's anti-war remarks.

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