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8 David Zinczenko Men's Health editor in chief is a wanted man. He can't bat away rumors he's in line for GQ, and Playboy sent one of its gal scribes to snag a date with him for an article, which appears as his public romance with actress Rose McGowan continues.

6 '60s game shows NBC plans to bring back "The Dating Game" and " The Newlywed Game" for a prime-time hour-long block of dating and mating. No word yet on whether updates include spending time in the jungle or eating bugs.

3 Terry MCDonell Former Wenner Media editor sues for $112,000 in retirement benefits he says he's still owed. He held editor positions at Rolling Stone, Men's Journal and Us Weekly during his career, but apparently never got the kind of million-dollar deal Bonnie Fuller recently snagged.

1 Michael Savage MSNBC's latest talk show host is aptly named and has drawn fire from liberal groups GLAAD, NOW and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. But will Savage help MSNBC out-fox Fox?

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