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9 'Order of the Phoenix' Still wild about Harry Potter as the fifth book gears up for release June 21. At 6.8 million, it will be the largest first printing of a hardcover book in the U.S.

7 Bonnie Fuller The never-ending fascination with the newsstand queen continues, this time centered on renewing her contract with Jann Wenner. Her Fashion Week Us Daily brilliantly sucks up to fashionistas by giving them their very own Us Weekly moment.

4 ABC and Michael Jackson "20/20" interview with the King of Pop draws 27 million viewers. But ABC's distasteful promotion of more lurid aspects and slams against Jackson by plastic-surgeon experts and others leave TV critics squirming and Jackson denouncing the program.

1 'The Real Beverly Hillbillies' CBS's Leslie Moonves met with Center for Rural Strategies, which wants show canceled. That may happen anyway since CBS has not found an Appalachian family to move into a Beverly Hills mansion.

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