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98 Michael Powell The Federal Communications Commission chairman favors loosening media-ownership restrictions. Every mogul loves Michael.

90 Bonnie Fuller Gets the Tina Brown award for generating buzz. Her exile from Conde Nast's Glamour was viewed as her burning her last bridge in magazine publishing. But her phoenix-like rise as the savior of Wenner Media's Us Weekly puts her back on top. (Her staff, meanwhile, gets a case of No-Doz.)

85 Dr. Phil Riding Oprah's coattails no more, his own syndicated hit proves he's a draw all on his own.

78 HBO's "The Sopranos" Proved it still has its bada-bing in the right place, inspiring FX's edgy drama "The Shield" to push the envelope and face advertisers' mixed reactions.

63 Eminem Small man, small-but-significant movie, and oh, yeah, savior of the music biz.

60 Tina Brown After shuttering Talk, ends the year with a column in Times of London, which-luckily for those media watchers stateside-is available on the Web.

55 Howell Raines New York Times editor shakes up the Old Gray Lady by reassigning bureau staffers and punching up pop-culture coverage. Controversy ensues when two sports columnists find their copy spiked over Augusta golf flap.

50 Much ado about nothing After 32 focus groups and millions of dollars, The Wall Street Journal unveiled its incredibly subtle redesign in April, with color! Or at least, pastels!

45 Michael Kelly After snagging Ellies right and left at National Magazine Awards, the Atlantic Monthly editor takes on an advisory role and giving up day-to-day oversight of the magazine.

30 David Kelley Fox's "Ally McBeal" bowed out, and its replacement "Girl's Club" didn't even make it to episode four.

20 Newspaper Experiments New York Sun, Red Eye and Red Streak all debuted this year to decidedly mixed reviews. Remains to be seen how they fare in 2003.

15 "Watching Ellie"Julia Louis Dreyfus' innovative real-time sitcom starts strong, but then flames out; 'Elaine' becomes the third Seinfield alum to be cancelled, after pals 'Kramer' (Michael Richards) and 'George' (Jason Alexander) met similar fates.

0 Anna Nicole Smith E! reality series ... sigh ... need we say more? Outtakes on the Web are far more interesting.

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