Heat Index

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8 "MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING" The reception keeps on going. The $200 million box office figure is in the rear-view mirror. How long will the party continue?

7 LOUIS J. HORVITZ And the director of the next Oscar broadcast is ... Horvitz for a seventh year in a row. As ad prices rise, no need to tinker too much with the production.

5 DON LOGAN At Time Inc., he thought the company's Internet foray was a "black hole." Now, he lords over Time Inc. and America Online and appears ready to offer Time Inc. content free as an incentive to AOL users, while charging other Web surfers.

3 "BIRDS of PREY" "Spider-Man" may be a hit movie franchise, but the WB's much-hyped fall show about Batman offspring fighting Gotham crime has fallen prey to low Nielsen numbers. It's now headed back into the cave.

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