Heat Index

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7 "WILL & GRACE" All set for 100th episode, which will feature Katie Couric. Now, if "CSI" would just cool down, the ratings would surely rise.

6 CAMPAIGN SPENDING Reaches all-time record this year, a boon for local TV stations. But now comes McCain-Feingold and the supposed end of soft money. But you can't spell fundraising without a D and an R.

5 REALITY TV Sharon Osbourne casts some negative vibrations on "The Osbournes" with comments that the show's end may be near and she wishes the family had never done it. That was sad. Cancellation of VH1's Liza Minnelli dinner parties was not.

3 OMD Loses national buyer Dan Rank to Universal Television Group. That comes as questions continue about whether massive media-buying groups are just too big.

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