Heat Index

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8 Paramount Pictures' "Jackass" helped resuscitate the studio's poor year with the No.1 movie of the Oct. 25-27 weekend. The cost? Only $5 million-no doubt paying big hospital bills for all those crazy stunts.

6 As Fox looks for new singers for its hit "American Idol," UPN will seek the next "Supermodel" in a limited-series TV competition next year. Big pose-downs - or cat-fights -will rule.

3 Fox's World Series ratings weren't just a swing and a miss, more like swinging, missing and sending the bat flying into the stands and clubbing the owner's wife. Down 24% from a year ago to an average Nielsen 11.9 rating-the worst ever for the big baseball event.

2 Cable news networks Tumbled in October ratings vs. a year ago-Fox down 5%; CNN off 39% and MSNBC slipping 55%. Last year's post-Sept. 11 news coverage make comparisons tough, however.

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