Heat Index

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8" NYPD BLUE" ABC already picked up the cop drama for all of the '03-'04 season.

7 ELISE McVEIGH Lifetime biz-development head tapped to lead new cross-media sales group that covers three Lifetime cable nets, a Web site and a new magazine. Of course, in this climate, bundled sales may be needed to pitch the magazine when it launches this spring.

4 "SCRUBS" Watch for Jeff Zucker to begin begging the "Friends" cast to do another last season again next year-if he hasn't already. "Scrubs" so far hasn't given signs that it can be a strong enough early Thursday tentpole on NBC against people living in tents on "Survivor."

3 VIN DIESEL After summer smash in "XXX" brought in $$$, new flick "Knockaround Guys" has a bumpy opening weekend.

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