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10 REESE WITHERSPOON Move over Julia Roberts? For that matter Tom Cruise. With boffo opening of "Sweet Home Alabama," Witherspoon now entrenched among Hollywood's top draws-and best-paid.

7 MONDAY NIGHT Becoming CBS's "Must See TV." "CSI: Miami" hotter than the Florida sun. And first-year comedy "Still Standing" looks like a new hit-something NBC needs desperately on Thursday.

6 MOGUL HUMILITY Karmazin says people should invest in Viacom even if he leaves. Eisner takes full responsibility for Disney's stumbles. Case admits AOL Time Warner could have done things differently post-merger.

2 ROSIE & MARTHA Oprah, of course, is untouchable. Memo to others: Be careful about putting your name on the cover. Rosie in legal battle over collapse of Rosie. Feds searching for plea bargainers in insider-trading investigation of Martha Stewart Living founder.

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