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8 UPS Catchy new ads use the "Cheers" theme song. Talk about a way to tap into a yearning for the past. Salud!

7 DMA/AOL Direct Marketing Association urges direct marketers - not a shy bunch - to halt e-mail and telemarketing efforts on 9/11. America Online pulls ads off service for the day.

4 DETAILS Hires Bill Maher, who lost his ABC show after controversial post 9/11 comments, as a contributing editor- or has it? Last month, the magazine ran a column under Kurt Andersen's byline that wasn't penned by the well-known media writer.

2 HEINEKEN Has a plane "sky type" its name above Arthur Ashe Stadium prior to the U.S. Open men's final as Art Garfunkel sings "Bridge Over Troubled Water" in an emotional tribute to New York.

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