Heat Index

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9 Product placement is more and more popular. CBS's Les Moonves says: "If Steven Spielberg can do it, why can't we?" Also more blatant. Fox Sports Net's talk show could be called "Most Damn Product Placement Period."

7 VivenDi Chairman Jean-Rene Fourtou's message to U.S. division heads is that the French company is not interested in acting as the long-term parent of Universal Studios and Universal Music, according to an L.A. Times report. For sale signs going up soon?

3 RODALE Retention prevention continues to plague the publisher. Elizabeth Crow, editorial director of the women's health group that includes Prevention, becomes latest in a slew of execs to leave as she joins Primedia.

1 CABLE STOCKS Is the Adelphia mess the sole cause for the share-value meltdown? Big loser could be AOL Time Warner if it spins off Time Warner Cable.

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