Heat Index

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7 MSNBC Is there a Donahue factor? Former talker returns to the struggling news network and posts early ratings success against CNN's Connie Chung.

6 ABC Better-than-deserved upfront and says it will jettison yellow-hued on-air image and adopt a multi-colored look. Still, it's unlikely any color will spruce up the network's unexciting fall lineup.

4 REALITY TV Execs flooded the airwaves with game shows after "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and took the air out of that genre. Now that Ozzy rocked, they may be doing the same with shows following celebrities. Is Liza Minnelli that interesting?

2 Newspapers First half results from New York Times Company and Gannett still trail last year, but both cite indications that ad results could improve by end of year.

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